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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Whiskas Denabite review. Do they improve feline dental health?

Black and white cat yawning

I have seen a fair bit of advertising for Denabites and they are in tons of local shops and pet stores.
So I decided to purchase some to see if they would help Hodors teeth (which have a minimal amount of tartar, I'd like to keep it that way).

He was definitely excited by the treats and loved the taste, but to my disappointment he didn't even chew a single one. Yep, he just swallowed them whole. This automatically rendered the treats useless in terms of dental care. Now I did use them for training and put some in his food dispensing toys as they are bigger than regular dry cat food, so they make for a bit of more a challenge/brain game to knock out of the toys and keep him busier for longer.

Whiskas dentabite packaging and price

On the back they of the packaging they recommend that you feed 16 pieces per day, which is a lot in my opinion, so if your cat does chew them make sure to adjust how much you feed them in order to prevent weight gain.

I did contact Whiskas via Facebook and told them about what happened and they suggested that I feed several pieces at once to encourage chewing, this was something I had already tried and unfortunately it didn't work. I also tried them out on my other cats Boots and Marie and neither chewed them.

Lets have a quick look at the ingredients:
  • Cereals are the first ingredient, meaning that the treats contain more cereals than any other ingredient, cats are obligate carnivores meaning they require high amounts of meat/animal sources in their diet.  Also they do not say which cereals they contain which means they might change it from batch to batch depending on what is cheapest at the time, it also means that if your cat has any dietary allergies or sensitivities you probably won't be able to use these.
  • Meat and animal derivatives are the second ingredient listed including 15% chicken. It doesn't list what other meats the treats may contain, it also doesn't clearly state which form the chicken was in before processing i.e chicken meal, fresh chicken, chicken hearts or liver etc.
  • The rest of the ingredients(oils, fats, herbs, seeds) follow the same pattern, non specific, which again means they likely change it up from batch to batch. 

Whiskas denabites packages and ingredients

Overall I was fairly let down by Whiskas Denabites as they didn't serve the purpose for which I purchased them. The ingredients are not really something I want to feed my cats if it only serves as a treat and would it would be cheaper to buy other, more nutritional food as a treat. I don't think I will be repurchasing theses again anytime soon I'm afraid.

Black and white cat grooming itself


  1. Congrats for creating your blog! Mom & I really liked reading your review. You were smart to contact Whiskas. Mom has not purchased Dentabites for me before. I have sensitive tummy, so looking at the ingredients list you shared, I may pass on them. Great job! Mew Mew!